Friday, May 11, 2007

Who is our enemy? What do to?

Certainly, bush & co. have damaged america more than any enemy could. No enemy could separate all our allies from us, and no enemy could send our military into the wrong country for the wrong reasons. Does bush & co. have any idea how bad they are? Probably not, he and his gang are completely delusional.

So we as a people, as a world, can organize to go after the real enemy that Bush cannot: call the enemy bin Laden, call them alqada or taliban, or militant islam, but they all exist because there is an empty space that they can fill. That empty space is created by institutional greed and corruption and [insert list of problems here] and just plain human nature. Maybe people who just plain care can fill the void before the murderers do?

Our military cares, but few trust the commander in chief to do the right things for the right reasons. And yet if we don't support our own people we can do nothing, and that's bad too. So what to do?

Maybe cleaning up our own mess internally is a good thing, because after that we may get the global support we deserve for doing the right thing.

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