Friday, May 4, 2007

Beginnings & Endings - the orange ribbon campaign

Fixing the beginning of the war in Iraq could fix the ending.

How do you fix the beginning after it's happened?

Accountability maybe?

Misleading and lying people into a war is just plain wrong and everyone knows this, though not everyone knows that this is what happened.

Bring the guilty to justice and ask the World to help put things right again.

Use the trial of the Bush administration as a healing event for the whole planet.

And then bring Alqada, bin Laden, and their allies to justice. They are the other half of the problem, I think the worse half. Why? For one thing, they would kill me for saying this, and kill you for reading it, while Bush would just ignore us.

So I made a website
to give the idea of the Orange Ribbon to signify bringing everyone involved to justice, and they would wear orange prison jumpsuits after that if they were guilty.

It's not much, but with your help it could do a lot. Please feel free to copy the idea and the website, and spread the word.

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Serendipity said...

Good for people to know.