Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two Suggestions on What To Do In Iraq and Afghanistan

1. Enforce true and fair sharing of the oil revenue. Base it on the Alaska Permanent Fund model. Then the choice becomes get money or die in the continuing fighting: Most people would prefer the money.

2. Build up the Iraqi army to fight Al Quada, send them to Afghanistan. AQ is actually Iraq's enemy, the USA are the good guys in this fight but have been terribly managed. This would get a lot of fighters out of Iraq, pay them, align them with the USA against AQ.

Simplistic suggestions but why not?

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Amos Nunyo said...

Yeah I know the 'share the oil' idea isn't new, but actually doing it would be new, but the methods for doing it aren't new at all. Look at Norway, too, they do it.

Sending the Iraqi army to Afghanistan is a new idea, at least I've never heard it before. Maybe there is a reason for that? Sort of like 'ask tooth fairy for assistance'...